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[Masterlibre-list] Again: project management issues and some tasks for d

From: Janis Gailis
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] Again: project management issues and some tasks for discussion (from AUC)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 22:36:26 +0100
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Sorry, I forgot the message!

Hi everybody,

I think that we are now approaching a phase where we should
outline some project management strategy.

Is it possible to use GNU's Mailman at to specify
tasks, assign people to tasks and work on centralized
versions of files? I have a user account on the server, so
I suppose that I can just send a request to the project
administrator using the web interface. Is it so?

We at Agder University College (AUC) would like to discuss two
main tasks, related to the development of European Master on Libre
Software, based on both local and national requirements for
development and implementation of graduate programs.

** Task 1
Produce an application draft for the EU funding, Socrates,
Curriculum Development projects (CD) with the deadline for
Norway 1st for March 2004.

Have smbd of you considered to apply for this funding?
It seems to cover the most part of work we are planning to do.
And the subject of Libre Software is, as I can judge, really

We have been strongly encouraged to apply for this by our international
coordinators at AUC and representants for National Agency of
Socrates, SIU (

The only way to do this, is in cooperation with all involved
institutions. I have also send an unformal invitation to several
universities and colleges in Latvia, and expect to get some
response very soon. The problem is, that for Spain the deadline
was 1st of March 2004. That means, that we have to find a
coordinator in some of countries represented in Masterlibre and
having the deadline 1st of March (France, Portugal?).

It would be nice to hear what do you mean about all this asap.
Are you interested and do you think it is realistic?

** Task 2
Produce an application draft (none specific deadline) for the
board of Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at AUC. This
application should contain a budget draft and chances to get it
through would be much better, if we could show to our application
for Socrates CD funding.

Anyway, we have to develop a more or less detailed budget draft,
and need to specify all of the interested actors and describe
several possible modules (use cases?) of implementation. If we
decide to apply for EU funding, then we should describe possible
modules allready before the Madrid meeting. Your opinion?


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