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Re: [Masterlibre-list] Proposal for a strategy for European Master on Li

From: roberto
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] Proposal for a strategy for European Master on Libre Software at AUC, v2004-02-09
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 10:10:13 +0100

Dear Janis,
     sorry for entering late in this thread, but, yes, I have some examples
at hand of curricula that may be interesting to compare with:

i) in Pisa, a proposal for a Master in Open Source management has been
   redacted and will probably be in production next year: basically, is
   is 1/3 computer science, 1/3 economics and 1/3 law

ii) here in Paris, at Ecole Centrale (a private university) there is
    a Master in Open System Engineering (see

And I do believe there is an increasing market demand for this kind of
new professionals, even if I do not knw how to collect formal evidence
in a short period...


>>>>> "Janis" == Janis Gailis <address@hidden> writes:

    Janis> Hei, og takk for et godt innlegg, Nils!  Slik jeg forsto det, ble vi
    Janis> enige om å (eller kanskje rettere sagt, vi snakket om å) utforme et
    Janis> strategisk dokument, som kan brukes når man representerer Høgskolen i
    Janis> Agder i et internasjonalt fora, som, f. eks. Masterlibre samarbeidet.

    Janis> Ved å ta utgangspunkt i det Nils har skrevet og i mine samtaler med
    Janis> Mikael, setter jeg opp en liste av overskrifter ("headlines",
    Janis> "keywords"), som jeg gjerne vil at dere kommenterer før jeg utformer
    Janis> dette strategiske dokumentet jeg nevnte ovenfor (denne meldingen ble
    Janis> noe lang, men jeg vil be dere å kommentere mellom linjene, slik at
    Janis> det blir lettere for meg å administrere dette). Dere kan selvfølgelig
    Janis> legge til flere overskrifter. Som et utgangspunkt foreslår jeg disse
    Janis> overskrifter:

    Janis> - Questions to be answered (just ad hoc by me) - Proposed scenarios
    Janis> (for implementation of subjects related to European Master on Libre
    Janis> Software (EMoLS) - Funding - Legislative issues / regulations /
    Janis> strategic plans - Interesting? (smth I found during my research /
    Janis> surfing)

    Janis> *** Questions to be answered?

    Janis> Are there some surveys, reports or other "convincing" material about
    Janis> demand in market for this type of competence? (Nils have provided the
    Janis> results from our survey and I have some material too, please provide
    Janis> more)

    Janis> What the prerequisits should be? (should the students with non-ICT
    Janis> background be able to apply)

    Janis> Technical requirements to realize the studies? Is this important in
    Janis> this phase?

    Janis> What kind of tasks (profession) an EMoLS should be able to realize?

    Janis> Comment (Janis): One thing is clear, we are talking about highly
    Janis> multidisciplinary (at least in the traditional taxonomy of academic
    Janis> disciplines) studies here. Does smbd knows about the similar cases
    Janis> that are implemented?

    Janis> *** Proposed scenarios

    Janis> SCENARIO 1: Subjects from EMoLS given as electives inside the
    Janis> existing master programs in Kristiansand (ISMASTER 2003,
    Janis> Informasjonssystemer, mastergradsstudium, se program for start høsten
    Janis> 2003,
    Janis> in Grimstad (IKTMASTER 2003, master i teknologi i IKT, toårig
    Janis> påbyggingsstudium, se start høsten 2003,
    Janis> )

    Janis> SCENARIO 2: Changes of the core subjects of the existing master
    Janis> programs at AUC (ISMASTER (2003) and IKTMASTER (2003)) so the
    Janis> essential subjects from EMoLS are covered.

    Janis> SCENARIO 3: EMoLS related courses given at sommertime (sommer school
    Janis> concept).

    Janis> SCENARIO 4: Application for EMoLS as an independent master degree.

    Janis> ???

    Janis> *** Funding

    Janis> Question about how to fund the EMoLS has been raised in several
    Janis> forums, such as Masterlibre mail-list and meeting for Center For Open
    Janis> Source (CFOS) at Agder University College (AUC). How we at AUC should
    Janis> act to obtain fundig for EMoLS? I propose some actions, and you
    Janis> people, please comment those and add new ones.

    Janis> ACTION 1: We work for an application for funding from Erasmus Mundus
    Janis> program in the cooperation with other universities and university
    Janis> colleges involved.

    Janis> ACTION 2: We are doing research on possible fundings ourselves, based
    Janis> on our national and international contacts (as proposed in CFOS's
    Janis> meeting 2004-01-21: Senter for internasjonalisering av høgre
    Janis> utdanning (SIU), Norwegian governmental institutions, companies such
    Janis> as Biblioteksystemer as, Linpro, NextNet, others ???).

    Janis> ACTION 3: We are working on proposal for use of some "internal" (at
    Janis> AUC) resources for the realization of a complete or partly program
    Janis> for EMoLS (see proposed scenarios)

    Janis> General comment (Janis): I think we should put the emphasis on the
    Janis> work for an application for an independent program for EMoLS. To
    Janis> succeed, we have to use the bureaucratic system first at AUC, then at
    Janis> higher levels, if necessary. Our main objective should be to get the
    Janis> EMoLS accepted as a legal master degree at AUC.

    Janis> *** Legislative issues / regulations / strategic plans

    Janis> Bologna declaration of course is a nice "thing", but, I am afraid
    Janis> that the realization of the ideas described there is a quite
    Janis> different issue. I think that we should try to find out what have
    Janis> been done regarding Bologna declaration at HiA and at the national
    Janis> level (Universitets- og Høgskolerådet, other bureaucratic orgs ??? 
    Janis> please suggest).

    Janis> Here is that I found after looking half an hour on AUC's site:

    Janis> ECTS credits and grades at AUC
    Janis> As we see here, we can actually give courses of 5 ECTS credits.

    Janis> Degrees offered by AUC:

    Janis> As speaking about our possibilities to go for an independent master
    Janis> program for EMoLS accepted by AUC, I found an "styrevedtak" from
    Janis> meeting in the AUC's board at 19th of June 2002
    Janis> ( on Internationalisation. Se
    Janis> in "vedtak 3":

    Janis> "Det skal utarbeides en startegisk plan for internasjonalisering ved
    Janis> høgskolen bl.a. med utgangspunkt i anbefalingene fra referansegruppa
    Janis> (for kvalitetsrefomen; mitt kommentar). Forslag til strategisk plan
    Janis> legges frem for styret.... etc."

    Janis> I would like to find this "strategisk plan" here in the system. Maybe
    Janis> it can be used to get smth. happen here, I don't know. A person that
    Janis> seems to be important in the internationalization process at AUC is
    Janis> ECTS Institutional Coordinator Svein Arild Pedersen. I'll speak with
    Janis> him. Maybe you, Calle and Stein, do know smth about "strategisk plan
    Janis> for internajonalisering"?

    Janis> I provide links to documents related to "Universitets- og
    Janis> Høgskolerådet" describing the policy about giving master degrees of
    Janis> 90 ECTS credits (one of the question raised at our meeting in
    Janis> Grimstad 2004-02-04):



    Janis> I think we should raise a question to the "Universitets- og
    Janis> Høgskolerådet" and/or SIU about how to proceed in this situation. I
    Janis> can contact the SIU; does someone of you have some relationship to
    Janis> the "Universitets- og Høgskolerådet"?

    Janis> *** Interesting?

    Janis> Seminar in Brussels, 2004-03-12, "The seminar will provide the latest
    Janis> information on, and analysis of, the Bologna and Lisbon Processes, as
    Janis> well as on the reform of Socrates and Leonardo currently in the
    Janis> planning, as well as on the just-adopted Erasmus Mundus Programme."

    Janis> Please take some time and give me feedback asap!

    Janis> Janis

    Janis> Nils Ulltveit-Moe wrote:

    >> Hi Jesus
    >> We discussed the Master in Libre Software in a meeting at HIA in Norway
    >> last Wednesday, and we still have a way to go until management at the
    >> University College is convinced, and funding was one of the
    >> objections. If this could be done via Erasmus Mundus, then this is really
    >> good news!
    >> Most other objections were practical matters, like how to deal with
    >> different study terms The Nordic countries have two course termins - the
    >> first starts in August and ends at Christmas, and the second starts in
    >> January and ends in June. This is maybe different to your course 
    >> Other objections were that the Masterlibre course had more, and smaller
    >> subjects on 3-4 credits, whereas HIA try to standardise on 10 credit
    >> subjects. Another practical issue, is that for now, it would be easier to
    >> work in subjects from the Masterlibre course into existing Master studies
    >> in ICT than getting another Master degree accepted by the authorities. To
    >> work the courses into our modules might mean sequencing a string of
    >> courses into one module.
    >> Getting the Master in Libre Software accepted would take more time than
    >> adjusting existing courses, but if the Master study was accepted as it is
    >> presented here, then many of the practical issues may be less
    >> problematic.
    >> We did a poll during Installuken2004, which is a local Linux and Open
    >> Source conference about the interest for an International Master study in
    >> Open Source. The students could choose from 1 (least interesting) to 6
    >> (most interesting). We also added some other subjects, and polled some
    >> other factors, like the interest for international students exchange. We
    >> got 20 replies, and one company that wanted to support us.
    >> The results are:
    >> 5,6 Security 5,35 Master thesis 5,3 Courses given by famous,
    >> international experts 5 System administration 5 Configuration management,
    >> version control and cooperation 4,95 Advanced project development 4,95
    >> General experiences related to libre software (multidiciplinary) 4,95
    >> Possibility to take the course via distance learning 4,95 Development
    >> environment and tools 4,9 Standards (e.g. HTTP, XML or video formats) 4,9
    >> International student exchange 4,9 Programming languages and language
    >> theory 4,85 Software architecture and software engineering 4,8 Advanced
    >> operating system theory 4,75 Introduction to Open Source software 4,65
    >> Case studies (analysis of Open Source projects, companies,
    >> organisations.)  4,65 Project management of collaborative Open Source
    >> projects 4,63 Web systems 4,58 Embedded systems 4,58 Possibility to take
    >> intensive courses at other universities 4,55 Legal matters, licences,
    >> legislation, intellectual rights 4,5 Database systems, database
    >> architecture 4,5 Compiler systems 4,45 Distributed systems 4,3 Office
    >> system architecture, standards and programming 4,25 Distributed course
    >> with IT semesters in Grimstad and IS semesters in Kristiansand.  4,1
    >> Economy and business models 4 Sociology and ethics motivation,
    >> organisations etc.  3,95 Multimedia 3,55 Mathematical tools
    >> Conclusion: All subjects are more than average interesting for the
    >> students. The students attending the conference were mostly computer
    >> engineering students, so they seem to prefer the techical aspects to
    >> business, economy, law, sociology and math. However, since we advertised
    >> with Linux in developing countries in a newspaper ad for the arrangement,
    >> we actually got some women attending that came for that sole reason, so
    >> focusing on the right subjects may recruit more women to technical
    >> studies. As another side note, we have already got our first student, a
    >> Danish man, provided that we get the course up and running.
    >> We will also like to suggest some new subjects for the Master in Libre
    >> Software:
    >> - Open Source in e-government and development aid.  - Mobile Systems
    >> based on Open Source.
    >> Mvh.  Nils Ulltveit-Moe
    >> "Jesus M. " Gonzalez-Barahona writes: > Hi,
    >> > 
    >> > I've been exploring some opportunities for helping to fund the master >
    >> program. In addition to institutions and companies which could be >
    >> interested in it, there is a rather interesting program which the EC is >
    >> (probably) starting in a couple of months: Erasmus Mundus. See
    >> > 
    >> >
    >> > 
    >> >
    >> > 
    >> > In my opinion, this program seems to be written exactly for a master >
    >> like ours. I've been told that first call will be probably launched in >
    >> late March.
    >> > 
    >> > In addition, there are some programs related to Socrates which could be
    >> > interested in our "mixed" learning activities (partly in-place, partly
    >> > distance). I'll give you more info about this when I have something
    >> more > detailed.
    >> > 
    >> > In case some of you is familiar with these (or other suitable)
    >> programs, > let me know. In case some of you want to help to find
    >> opportunities for > financing, please go ahead.
    >> > 
    >> > Saludos,
    >> > 
    >> > Jesus.
    >> > 
    >> > -- 
    >> > Contribute to keep Europe free of software patents!  >
    >> EuropeSwPatentFree -
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    >> > 

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