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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] hello to the team paparazzi

From: antoine . drouin
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] hello to the team paparazzi
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 12:20:34 +0100
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Hi Olivier

You can use a robostix to control your vehicle and you need no gumstix. The
gumstix was intented to run a payload application. The autopilots entierly runs
in the robostix.
Nevertheless, I would not recommand this solution. It seems that nobody else is
using avr anymore, so the code is getting less and less test on this architure.
Furthermore, the robostix is really only a mega128 with connectors, so you will
need to add all peripherals at the end of wires.
Finally, the LPC offer lots of advantages over AVRs, one of the nicest is
flashing through USB. EMI is also much better on LPC boards and this is an
important point if you want a GPS that works well and long rc range.

I think the best solution would be that you get your hand on a tiny - I have no
turnkey solution for you, but if your concern is about soldering the LPC, I can
do it for you in the ENAC reflow oven.

I wish you luck for your project


ps: it's really time we find some company to manufacture the fscking boards...
I can't understand nobody is willing to do that given the strong demand :(

Selon durand olivier <address@hidden>:

> Hello there,
>   As a  newcomer to the paparazzi mailing list (here and on IRC as
> "olivdudu") i 'd like to introduce myself. I am Olivier, i live in western
> France and fly R/C electric models and slope soarers . I've also been
> practising aerial photography for ten months by now and this, is becoming the
> main piece of interest of my hobby. I am also addicted to the cnc foam
> cutting...
>   When i  discovered the paparazzi project, roughly two months ago, i told to
> myself, this might be the proper way to get rid of R/Cpiloting my photoplane
> and to focus on the photoshooting. Unfortunetly, i don't get confident enough
> with the smc components welding. That's the reason why i am interresting in
> the robostix device.  By the time, i am discovering Linux/debian with the
> paparazzi live cd and have ordered official Debian CDs to install sarge on my
> pc through a vmware emolution.
>   Next step will be ordering the hardware. On that topic, would someone tell
> me which gumstix board should be docked with the Robostix  .I would also like
> to apply for the buying list.
>   well, it's not a piece of cake for me, computing is not so easy and i am
> rather slow, but that helps me going ahead, discovering new environnments and
> , at the end,that makes good
>   congratulation to the ppz team for what you do
>   Bye
>   olivier
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