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[Paparazzi-devel] apogee board 2.0 - feature questions

From: Jan Čapek
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] apogee board 2.0 - feature questions
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 11:17:02 +0200


we have decided to update apogee board due to discontinuation in
production of some parts. I would like to know the opinion of the
interested paparazzi developers on the changes:

- IMU will be updated with MPU9250. This will eliminate need for an
  external magnetometer

- SD card sold is discontinued, and will be replaced by the one
  currently in production by molex

- mounting holes - we find the 1.8mm holes pretty difficult for
  mounting the board. The holes will be changed to 2.5mm

- servo connectors - we would like to turn the 3 pin connectors 180
  degrees, so that pin 1 corresponds with servos signal. This will make
  the board consistent with the standard molex 1.25->futaba/JR harness

- power connector - we find the power connection to the board a bit
  difficult without a proper connector. The 4mm connectors (the distance
  between the 2 pads) are rather too big for such a tiny board. We will
  place a 4 pin 1.25mm molex blade header - pins 1,2 as Vdd+, and pins
  3,4 as GND. This will still leave the option to solder wires directly
  to the board.

Any other objections regarding the board update are very welcome.

Best regards,


Braiins Systems
tel: +420 604 566 382

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