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temporary files in wine

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: temporary files in wine
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 22:10:34 -0800
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I discovered the reason that FLIP fails under Wine.  It is
because the Wine implementation of the standard C library tmpfile
function is extraordinarily lame.  It tries to create the
temporary file only in the current directory, which at least on
my system maps to the Unix root directory.  It has no permission
to do that (nor should it), so it fails.

I'm not sure of the correct solution.  For starters, I don't see
a way to override the Wine choice of temporary file directory.
In fact, Microsoft's documentation for tmpfile states, "The
temporary file is created in the root directory."  Sounds moronic
to me, but that's Microsoft.

One solution would be to use a function other than tmpfile, such
as mkstemp, to create the temporary file.  Perhaps that's what we
should do.

Maybe mingw should provide a better version of tmpfile.  Unix
programmers expect it to do something sensible, not this
nonsense.  I suppose we could report a mingw bug.

"...I've forgotten where I was going with this,
 but you can bet it was scathing."

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