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Re: More compile problems with mingw

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: More compile problems with mingw
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 08:48:24 -0800
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"John McCabe-Dansted" <address@hidden> writes:

> OK, I've tried building psppire against Gtk 2.6.10:
> The plus side is that unlike Gtk 2.10, wine doesn't suffer from
> The minus side is that most things show up as black boxes... I can get
> Psppire to bascially work under Windows XP, but under wine the display
> seems horribly corrupted regardless of what I do.  Things I've tried
> (under both versions of Gtk) that didn't help:
>  - Changing the emulated windows version between 95/98/2000/XP
>  - upgrading wine (0.9.9->0.9.30)
>  - removing all modules from my xorg.conf
> Things I haven't tried
>  - running Psppire.exe on a linux/wine machine that supports OpenGL.

Any idea whether these problems show up on actual Windows, or
just under Wine?  I suppose testing under QEMU would work.

> I have also come across yet more build problems. A quick question: Is
> it productive for me to report my build problems here? E.g. Are these
> problems mostly already known, or is there a   better place I should
> post them, such as the bug tracker?

What I sometimes do is to report bugs to the list, and then if
they don't get fixed or explained within a few days I file them
as bugs.

> ERROR: src/ui/gui/src_ui_gui_psppire-helper.o(.text+0x2fd): In
> function `reference_manual':
> /usr/src/pspp/pspp/src/ui/gui/helper.c:137: undefined reference to
> `_g_spawn_command_line_async'
> FIX/HACK: I worked around error my  compile error by commenting out
> the _g_spawn_command_line_async, which is used to start yelp.

Does glib just not implement this function under Win32?

> ERROR:  i386-mingw32msvc-gcc: plural.c: No such file or directory
> FIX/HACK: Copy plural.c from a previous pspp build tree.

How did plural.c disappear?

> ERROR:  src/data/file-name.c:31:26: canonicalize.h: No such file or directory
> src/data/file-name.c: In function `fn_get_identity':
> src/data/file-name.c:408: warning: implicit declaration of function
> `canonicalize_filename_mode'
> src/data/file-name.c:408: error: `CAN_MISSING' undeclared (first use
> in this function)
> src/data/file-name.c:408: error: (Each undeclared identifier is
> reported only once
> src/data/file-name.c:408: error: for each function it appears in.)
> src/data/file-name.c:408: warning: initialization makes pointer from
> integer without a cast
> FIX/HACK: ../gnulib/gnulib-tool --import --dir=. --lib=libgl
> --source-base=gl --m4-base=gl/m4 --doc-base=gl/doc --aux-dir=.
> --libtool --macro-prefix=gl alloca alloca-opt assert byteswap c-ctype
> c-strtod exit full-read full-write gethostname getline getlogin_r
> getopt gettext intprops inttostr linebreak localcharset memcasecmp
> memchr memcmp memmem memmove mempcpy memset progname readlink snprintf
> stat-macros stdarg stdbool stdint stpcpy strcase strcspn strerror
> strftime strsep strstr strtod strtok_r strtol strtoul unistd
> unlocked-io vsnprintf xalloc xalloc-die xreadlink xsize xstrndup
> xvasprintf canonicalize mbchar mbiter
> ERROR:  make: *** No rule to make target `gl/m4/strstr.m4', needed by
> `'.  Stop.
> FIX/HACK: According to gnulib docs, strstr is pointless since
> everybody implements it correctly, and has hence been removed. Fooled
> make with a good 'ol:
>        echo > gl/m4/strstr.m4
> ERROR: configure: line 28215: gl_INIT: command not found
> FIX/HACK: No fix, I just worried about it. If I ignore it, it doesn't
> seem to cause any trouble

These three shouldn't appear in a fresh CVS checkout with recent
gnulib.  The latter is especially worrying because it implies
that gnulib didn't work at all (gl_INIT is implemented by

> ERROR:  
> src/ui/gui/src_ui_gui_psppire-syntax-editor.o(.text+0x5e4):syntax-editor.c:
> undefined reference to `_g_file_set_contents'
> src/ui/gui/src_ui_gui_psppire-syntax-editor.o(.text+0x902):syntax-editor.c:
> undefined reference to
> `_gtk_file_chooser_set_do_overwrite_confirmation'
> FIX/HACK: This was caused by the old version of glib (2.6.6) I was
> linking against. I just commented these out. This hack is clearly not
> something would want to release into the wild.  Perhaps configure
> should simply choke on old versions of glib?

Definitely.  Do you happen to know the versions in which these
functions were introduced?  It sounds like we should update the

> ERROR:  (psppire.exe:8): Pango-WARNING **: All font failbacks failed!!!!
>    wine i386-mingw32msvc/bin/fc-cache.exe -v
>    wine i386-mingw32msvc/bin/fc-list.exe -v

Is this a PSPP bug or is it a misconfiguration in mingw32 or

> ERROR: Make check complained that could not find libplot2.dll
> FIX/HACK: Copied libplot2.dll to src/ui/terminal.

That reminds me: I couldn't figure out how to get wine to search
arbitrary directories for libraries.  I tried setting WINEDLLPATH
but it didn't seem to have an actual effect, so (like you) I
ended up copying the libraries I needed into src/ui/terminal.  Is
there some kind of trick to WINEDLLPATH?
Ben Pfaff <address@hidden>
Author and maintainer of Pintos

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