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Re: Problem with output file on windows

From: michel
Subject: Re: Problem with output file on windows
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 01:08:19 -0300
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> This looks like a reasonable approach.  I will push a similar fix
> to pre0.6.2 soon.  I won't have a chance to test it on Windows,
> so please let me know if it works.  (It will be in pre5 also.)

I don't understand this:

... || strchr ("/\\", home_dir[strlen (home_dir) - 1]) != NULL)
        path = xasprintf ("%s%c", home_dir, '/');

'strchr' will return != NULL only if the last char on home_dir is either
'/' or '\'. So the '/' will be put on 'path' only if there is alread one
there and it should be the oposite. Am I missing something?

And since home_dir is being created with windows variables, there is no
of it contains a slash, since windows only uses backslashs. Therefore, you
change 'strchr ("/\\", home_dir[strlen (home_dir) - 1]) != NULL' by
home_dir[strlen (home_dir) - 1]) == '\'.

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