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[RP] No german keyborad possible ?

From: Chr. v. Stuckrad
Subject: [RP] No german keyborad possible ?
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 00:03:40 +0100
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Hi! (I'm new on the List)

I just played around with ratpoison (I'm a frequesnt user of 'screen')
and I wanted to switch the controlling character to 'ยต' (Mu) on
my GERMAN keyboard.  This can NEVER work as far as I could understand
the handling of characters in ratpoison.

It seems as if the whole program always reads only the direct Keysyms
and the state of the Modifiers, but ignores whatever is 'meant' by 
the combination thereof.

(btw. in the or_ed list of Modifiers in events.c should be added
 the key 'XK_Mode_switch' (the 'AltGr' key of German keyboard,
 where normally 'XK_Alt_R' is.)

Also the Modifiers are (not correctly) ignored in input.c
so you can not type Uppercase :-)

Just what I found out in a few hours of playing
(and trying to learn about X11 that way :-)

Greetings to all members
   sincerely your's      Stucki 

Christoph von Stuckrad       * *  | nickname  | <address@hidden> \
Freie Universitaet Berlin    |/_* | 'stucki'  | Tel(days):+49 30 838-75 459 |
Fachbereich Mathematik, EDV  |\ * | if online | Tel(else):+49 30 77 39 6600 |
Arnimallee 2-6/14195 Berlin  * *  | on IRCnet | Fax(alle):+49 30 838-75454 /

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