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Re: [RP] No german keyborad possible ?

From: Chr. v. Stuckrad
Subject: Re: [RP] No german keyborad possible ?
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 17:48:06 +0100
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On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 02:17:08AM -0800, shawn wrote:
> This has always been a problem. I just re-arranged that code a
> bit. Now you must press a key sequence that is defined. I added C-g
> which does nothing and 'aborts' the key sequence. Its not exactly a
> fix, but it will hopefully remedy the mystery of the 'missing
> modifiers'...
> Thanks for the input (pardon the pun)! 

I also fiddled with the code, extracted 'read_key' to be used 
in all except one places, made uppercase and conrol chars possible
by handling the modifier-key-releases INSIDE of read_key and by
swiching the map according to the Shift or Control Modifier
and reached a point, where I could add Actions to keys under
the Mod3-Modifier. Also I added a 'swich_to' routine to swich
to another window-manager (twm in my case), and a simple 'bye'.

BUT it seems that the 'AltGr'(XK_Mode_switch)-Key itself 
is a Prefix too! So if 'type' it, I get some strange Keysym
and if I hold it down I get 1<<12 for the Modifier.
I could not find out, which kind of 'keymap' corresponds
to this high a Modifier-Bit.  Problem is, that you
cannot enter \~| without it and seemingly my changes
'eat' some keystrokes the normal xterms may need to notice
those <AltGr><key>-Sequences...

Something else ist strange: If I enter Text into e.g.
the Command bar, I could not force X11 to update the screen
at the time I enter the first char; only if I hit BackSpace
the prompt gets written, so I missed something in my
changed 'get_input' (I'm fiddling with X11 first time ever though).

My idea was to use ratpoison as a minimalist windowmanager
for slideshow-loops like 'xv -... -random -loop -wait 3 ...lots of pics...'
and if necessary to 'work' on that screen to swich to some other 

Are you intrested in the changes (full tar or diff?)


PS.: My direct reply bounced, so I write it to the list... Sorry

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