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Re: [RP] No german keyborad possible ?

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] No german keyborad possible ?
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 02:17:08 -0800

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>Hi! (I'm new on the List)


>I just played around with ratpoison (I'm a frequesnt user of 'screen')
>and I wanted to switch the controlling character to 'ยต' (Mu) on
>my GERMAN keyboard.  This can NEVER work as far as I could understand
>the handling of characters in ratpoison.

This looks like a problem.

>It seems as if the whole program always reads only the direct Keysyms
>and the state of the Modifiers, but ignores whatever is 'meant' by 
>the combination thereof.

As a part-time fix, what about setting the PREFIX_KEY to '/' and the
PREFIX_MAP to ShiftMask? 

>(btw. in the or_ed list of Modifiers in events.c should be added
> the key 'XK_Mode_switch' (the 'AltGr' key of German keyboard,
> where normally 'XK_Alt_R' is.)

This has always been a problem. I just re-arranged that code a
bit. Now you must press a key sequence that is defined. I added C-g
which does nothing and 'aborts' the key sequence. Its not exactly a
fix, but it will hopefully remedy the mystery of the 'missing

>Also the Modifiers are (not correctly) ignored in input.c
>so you can not type Uppercase :-)

the input for ratpoison is pretty primitive, I admit. Luckily when
comparing strings, it is not case sensitive.

>Just what I found out in a few hours of playing
>(and trying to learn about X11 that way :-)

Thanks for the input (pardon the pun)! 

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