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[RP] Ctrl-T Space as in screen?

From: Martin Samuelsson
Subject: [RP] Ctrl-T Space as in screen?
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 14:19:10 +0100
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I've been running ratpoison for about two hours now. Great thing, too bad it 
makes my webcam updating background unseeable. Not beeing able to see those are 
not the worst thing though. What has annoyed me the most is that Ctrl-T Space 
doesn't work as i expected. That is, as in screen.

Maybe you all see this as cluttering the code and adding eigth bytes (intel) of 
fat, but how about inserting a line in actions.c to make ratpoison more like 
screen and saving everyones fingers a little?

Adding "{' ', -1, 0, next_window}," after "{'n', -1, 0, next_window}," is what 
I'm meaning.

Thanks for a great piece of software!
/Martin - I changed emacs to gvim also...

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