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Re: [RP] Ctrl-T Space as in screen?

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] Ctrl-T Space as in screen?
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:43:25 -0800

>I've been running ratpoison for about two hours now. Great thing, too
>bad it makes my webcam updating background unseeable. Not beeing able

background's were a hack to make up for all the wasted space on the
desktop :)

>to see those are not the worst thing though. What has annoyed me the
>most is that Ctrl-T Space doesn't work as i expected. That is, as in

Yes, I'd like to replicate the screen keystrokes. I've added it in

>Maybe you all see this as cluttering the code and adding eigth bytes
>(intel) of fat, but how about inserting a line in actions.c to make
>ratpoison more like screen and saving everyones fingers a little?

By all means! 

>Adding "{' ', -1, 0, next_window}," after "{'n', -1, 0, next_window}," is what 
>I'm meaning.
>Thanks for a great piece of software!

I'm glad you enjoy it!

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