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Re: [RP] Re: thanks!

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] Re: thanks!
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 00:05:08 -0800

>On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 09:59:01AM +1100, Martin Pool wrote:
>> Oh, and one other thing: have a non-visual analogy of "iconize", so
>> that windows can be temporarily removed from the C-t C-n cycle
>> sequence and only brought back by C-t <n>.  But again this is bloat.
>If someone is going to add features like these, wouldn't it be
>correct to make some kind of hierarcical ordering?
>Let's say window 1-9 all are filled. Number tre contains an
>webbrowser. Or should we say five webbrowsers.
>IMHO it would be neat if:
>C-t 3 1                switched to browser window 1
>C-t 3 2                changed to window 2
>C-t 3 3-5      3-5
>C-t 3          switched to the last window seen in group 3
>How about this? Bad idea?

This sounds a lot like virtual desktops. The only thing I could see as
being painful is organizing and maintaining all the groups. I suppose
you could have some regexp to match the window names which then
determines which group its in...

Something that this could also lend itself to is saving and restoring
configurations of windows. So when you want to work with the gimp, it
puts all the toolbar windows, etc in a your own specified layout...

or you could save and restore window configuration like the emacs
command `window-configuration-to-register'.

>P.S. Shawn, if you ever happen to be in Örebro, I'll buy you a beer. D.S.


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