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Re: [RP] Rant. (Re: LP interview, irclog)

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: [RP] Rant. (Re: LP interview, irclog)
Date: 10 Apr 2001 09:07:47 -0700
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Gergely Nagy <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi there!
> I read the IRCLog from 04/06, featuring shawn, rc and
> IndyBoy.
> While it was pretty entertaining, I'd like to add a few
> words if you don't mind (despite the fact I'm not an
> RP developer myself, but a fanatic user).
> First of all, rc said that the rat has its place (ie, gimp).
> That's absolutely not true! You can control the rat cursor
> from the keyboard if you really have to, but a more
> elegant way to handle this problem is to write scripts! Yes,
> scripts! That's what script-fu and the various gimp bindings
> are for! Before I started using ratpoison, I even used gimp
> from the console. While I'm not an artist, I could do everything
> I needed using scripts. To be honest, comparing the things
> I draw with the rat are far worse than the ones done without
> it.
> My conclusion is that you don't need a mouse to gimp. Real
> artists probably use something better, like a drawing table.
> Frankly, I think everyone should throw out the mouse like I
> did.

ya, i shouldnt have said that.  sorry.  indyboy even took the
opportunity in his article to bend my words: 

        Still, the mouse has some place in Ratpoison, if only to work
        within the applications that need it, Yeske explained, such as
        The GIMP.

btw, the linuxplanet article is at

in my defense though, i *do* think that using a mouse in the gimp is
useful for a lot of people (ie, nonhackers/script-fu writers and
non-professional artists that dont want to spend X dollars on an
expensive tablet).

> Oh well. Thats it for now. I'm pretty angry of rc now, so,
> off I go to hack the code to help make it <<30k again.

good good.  i hope yer not too angry.  im gonna get rid of my rat


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