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[RP] Re: Lightweight Web browsers

From: zhaoway
Subject: [RP] Re: Lightweight Web browsers
Date: 29 Apr 2001 15:39:48 +0800
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> Oh I know about ratpoison :) Of course one can always do the 'xterm'
> style of window managing (ie, extensive use of the -geometry option
> :)

Nay, I haven't ever done even once -geometry thingy. Always
maximise. Why not? Those apps can't do it sucks. :) (Though I'd really
hope ratpoison could come over it, maybe a container alike applet for
things such as Gimp etc.? Ie a lightweight xnest + a lightweight
window manager(!!) would be helpful.) ohh my god, plus things as 9menu
this ohh, this. ;)

P.S. ratpoison really rocks, but please pay less attention on how you
could kill the mouse. effort on this direction seldom gains IMHO.
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