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[RP] finally; window selection menu

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: [RP] finally; window selection menu
Date: Thu Nov 1 16:20:22 2001
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Make sure you have bash installed and in your $PATH;

Put this line:

defwinfmt %n %s %t

in your ~/.ratpoisonrc.

Restart ratpoison.

Now run the following shell script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

( printf "ratmenu -style dreary -fg grey -bg blue";
  ratpoison -c windows | while read x y z; do
    a=$(printf "%3q" $x); b="ratpoison -c \"select $x\"";
    printf " %q\\ %q\\ %q %q"  "$a" "$y" "$z" "$b";
  done; echo \;) | sh

No need to worship me; credit for this goes to:

Crag DeForest of Xao MOO.



I am working to subvert from within ...
umm ...  by writing shoddy code ... and
charging too much.

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