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Re: [RP] finally; window selection menu

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: Re: [RP] finally; window selection menu
Date: Thu Nov 1 19:08:03 2001
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On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 07:33:13PM -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:
> I've been dealing with dead hardware so haven't taken the time to
> chase down the mail with the new location in it and udpate things.

Its in debian, so if you do apt-get source ratmenu, you'll have the
latest source tar.gz  Reactor Core should come back up to its old
self sometime tonight.

> As for more lines - I've always rated readability more important than
> line count, whether the goal is to reduce line count in some kind of

Readability should never be sacrificed for line count.  I believe the
solution I posted is readable and aesthetically pleasing.  Admittedly,
I am a "macho minimalist", but my code is clean.

> Changing the python version to check the command name and generate a
> menu of windows if it was invoked as "ratwinmenu" and a menu of frames
> if it was invoked as "ratframemenu" took four lines of code - once I
> had added "frames" and "frameselect" to rp, of course. I'd much rather
> have code I can do that to than code that's only 7 lines long, or
> whatever.

Yes, but my 7 line shell script could also do that with the addition of
1 or 2 lines more.  I'm just not synced to your version of ratpoison.

> *) I actually know people who got into a contest to see who could
> cause the most page faults with a single instruction on an IBM
> 370. That's just plain weird.

Heh.  Did they save the code anywhere?  Post it to the web?  I have to
see this :>

Gotta run.


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