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Re: [RP] Patch for frames et al...

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: [RP] Patch for frames et al...
Date: Wed Nov 14 00:29:01 2001
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Mike Meyer <address@hidden> writes:

> Shawn <address@hidden> types:

> > Why do frames have names and numbers?? I don't understand why this
> > would be useful. I certainly wouldn't find it useful.
> This all comes from the question - how do I get a specific window into
> a specific frame. I originally gave frames names and numbers so
> scripts would have some way to refer to a frame other than the current
> frame - which isn't necessarily stable!  


> > How many frames do you have sitting around at one time anyway?
> Right now? 9, one of which is empty.


> You're right - frame names vanishing when the frame does makes them a
> bit of a PITA to use. 


> For instance, I have a frame configuration I use pretty regularly, and
> so have a key bound to create it from a single frame. It renumbers a
> few frames along the way. It could just as easily rename them, the
> "ratsave" script would go away and "ratrestore" would put windows into
> frames based on the frame name instead of the number.

I knew we should have never added split screen :)


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