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[RP] Re: Some errors and unwanted changes

From: Nikolai Weibull
Subject: [RP] Re: Some errors and unwanted changes
Date: Tue Jul 20 05:34:01 2004
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* Trent Buck <address@hidden> [Jul 20, 2004 12:50]:
> > I have two comments on 1.3.0.  I recently upgraded from 1.3.0-rc2 and
> > have found two annoying changes.

> > First, upon X startup I restore a frameset consisting of two frames.  In
> > 1.3.0-rc2 the first window created would go in the first frame, and the
> > second window would use the second frame.  In 1.3.0, both wind up in the
> > first.  What gives?

> When frestoring, RP can only see the XID of each window.  This is
> different each time a program starts.  Probably you fdumped, quit the
> program, started it again and frestored.  RP cannot tell that the new
> and the old window are from the same program.

What I meant was, I have a frestore like:

frestore 0 418 80 484 1042 0 1,1 900 80 700 1042 0 0

which works fine, it creates my two frames that I want.  In 1.3.0-rc2,
when restarting X, the windows created upon startup (from my
init/session scripts), would go into the two frames, the first window
created in the first frame, and the second in the second frame.  So:

XTerm | Epiphany

Now I get

XTerm           | <empty>

with Epiphany above XTerm in the first frame.  What happened in
1.3.0-rc2 was that when the Epiphany window was about to be created, the
second frame would receive focus and the window would go there.

I've looked through the changelogs and a diff -r on the two trees and I
can't find any indication as to what change could have affected this,
but something has

> > Second, I'm getting a lot of

> > ratpoison:number.c:110: error: ns=0x8069928 Attempt to release -1!
> > ratpoison:events.c:404: error: Impossible: No matching key

> I've seen these two errors for a while; you should be able to just
> ignore them.

Mhm, no sweat...

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