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Re: [RP] Re: Some errors and unwanted changes

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] Re: Some errors and unwanted changes
Date: Tue Jul 20 05:52:02 2004

Quoth Nikolai Weibull on or about 2004-07-20:
> What I meant was, I have a frestore like:
> frestore 0 418 80 484 1042 0 1,1 900 80 700 1042 0 0
> which works fine, it creates my two frames that I want.  In 1.3.0-rc2,
> when restarting X, the windows created upon startup (from my
> init/session scripts), would go into the two frames, the first window
> created in the first frame, and the second in the second frame.  So:
> XTerm | Epiphany
> Now I get
> XTerm         | <empty>
> Epiphany
> with Epiphany above XTerm in the first frame.  What happened in
> 1.3.0-rc2 was that when the Epiphany window was about to be created, the
> second frame would receive focus and the window would go there.

Ah.  That sounds like what brl and I were talking about recently
(thread subject == [RP] New client code).  Apparently the code is in
events.c, if that helps.

This seems to have been removed sometime in the past, because the
behavior was more annoying and confusing than it was helpful (or so
I'm told).

If that's all you want, this should make it do what you want:

        :frestore <whatever it was>


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