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Re: [RP] after toggling display of the message bar, for 10 seconds whole

From: Andre Noll
Subject: Re: [RP] after toggling display of the message bar, for 10 seconds whole CPU is eaten
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:53:02 +0200
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On 04:07, Miernik wrote:
> I noticed that after doing anything which toggles the display of the
> message bar, for example 'Ctrl-t w' or 'Ctrl-t ?', both when displaying
> the message bar, and toggling again to vanish it, for about 10 seconds,
> almost 100% of CPU is eaten by the process Xorg (I see that in top, idle
> is 0.0%, Xorg eats everything which is not eaten by other processes).
> In fact now it eats all CPU for 25, not 10 seconds like it did a few
> days ago. Maybe it increases with the ammount of time the X server is
> running?
> Also when any new window is opened, like starting an xterm, or when any
> application opens a new window, also then for about ten seconds full CPU
> is eaten by process Xorg.
> I use everything latest Debian unstable official packages.
> My CPU is Celeron 466 MHz. Both the Xserver and X applications run on
> the same machine. I have two monitors and use Xinerama.
> Is anybody else seeing that bug? What might the cause be?

Yes, I'm also seeing this. I _think_ it's due to some bug in the signal
handling, but I'm not sure if it's a ratpoison or a Xorg problem. It
happens for me with Xorg 7.0, Xorg 7.1 and all versions of ratpoison
since 1.4.0-beta4.

stracing the xorg server reveals that it is receiving $many SIGALRM
signals in a busy loop, and $many seems to depend on the time ratpoison
is running.

> Anything that I might test?

"ratpoison restart" makes the problem go away. Be prepared to wait
for a minute or so, as the machine seems to be dead during the restart
(not even the LEDs on the keyboard change if you hit the NUMLOCK key),
but recovers fine afterwards, and the problem is gone for another
few hours. Then repeat..

Interestingly enough, also sourcing any file from the ratpoison prompt
makes the delay go away, but calling "ratpoison -c 'source file'"
from the command line has no effect.

It's a rather annoying bug, so please let's do something about it.
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