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Re: [RP] native virtuals

From: Artur Skonecki
Subject: Re: [RP] native virtuals
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 15:52:29 +0200 (CEST)
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I use following keybindings with Joshua's workspaces:

definekey top C-F1 exec ratpoison -c "vselect 1" -c "echo vselect 1"
definekey top C-F2 exec ratpoison -c "vselect 2" -c "echo vselect 2"
definekey top C-F3 exec ratpoison -c "vselect 3" -c "echo vselect 3"
definekey top C-F4 exec ratpoison -c "vselect 4" -c "echo vselect 4"
definekey top C-F5 exec ratpoison -c "vselect 5" -c "echo vselect 5"

definekey top M-F1 exec ratpoison -c "gmove default" -c "next" -c "vselect 1" -c "next" 
-c "echo gmove default; vselect 1"
definekey top M-F2 exec ratpoison -c "gmove virtual2" -c "next" -c "vselect 2" -c "next" 
-c "echo gmove virtual2; vselect 2"
definekey top M-F3 exec ratpoison -c "gmove virtual3" -c "next" -c "vselect 3" -c "next" 
-c "echo gmove virtual3; vselect 3"
definekey top M-F4 exec ratpoison -c "gmove virtual4" -c "next" -c "vselect 4" -c "next" 
-c "echo gmove virtual4; vselect 4"
definekey top M-F5 exec ratpoison -c "gmove virtual5" -c "next" -c "vselect 5" -c "next" 
-c "echo gmove virtual5; vselect 5"

On Wed, 10 Mar 2010, David DEMELIER wrote:

2010/3/10 joshua stein <address@hidden>:

it adds a "virtuals" config option which specifies how many
workspaces there are (defaults to 5), a "vinit" command to
initialize those workspaces, a "vselect" command to switch to a
given workspace, and "vdump" command to print out the
workspace/frame config for each one.  it basically runs the same
commands that rpws did and uses groups, just does so internally.

I hope this will be in ratpoison, and then a free layout and I'll come
back to ratpoison :-)

King redards.

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