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Re: [RP] Problems with Java Swing Applications

From: Bernhard R. Link
Subject: Re: [RP] Problems with Java Swing Applications
Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 12:44:48 +0200
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* Eric A <address@hidden> [100504 01:20]:
> I have attached a simple Java Swing example I found that creates a
> window with a couple menu items. It works correctly in openbox and
> other window managers I've tested, but just displays a blank window in
> ratpoison. Any ideas on what's wrong?

The blank windows is java's buggy workaround against a bug in java with
reparenting window managers (which ratpoison is not, but the workaround
is buggy with non-reperanting and has a whitelists of non-reparenting
window managers which is always out of date).

If your java is properly patched (Debian, Ubuntu and perhaps most other
Linux distributions have a fixed openjdk, I think), setting the


environment variable will help.

With some older javas, AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit can help, but that makes
newer javas segfault...

        Bernhard R. Link

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