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Re: [Tetuhi-vgs] nnpy module?

From: Douglas Bagnall
Subject: Re: [Tetuhi-vgs] nnpy module?
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 23:10:09 +1200

Hi Matt,

Somehow your message got past me.  In any case, Grant is completely

> nnpy is one of the things you build when you run make in the
> 'perceptron' directory.  The fact that it's not being found means that
> either it wasn't built successfully or you haven't installed it into a
> directory that Python is looking in.

and the steps he takes below are pretty much the way to do it if you
have Ubuntu or Debian on a 32 bit x86 system.  It gets trickier if you
don't, and I am keen to hear any problems that you might have.

> For the record, I managed to get tetuhi running this evening on my
> Ubuntu (Hardy) box as follows:
> sudo apt-get install python-pygame python-dev python-yaml gsl-bin
> libgsl0-dev
> cd c
> make && sudo make python-install
> cd ../img-c
> make && sudo make python-install
> cd ../perceptron
> make && sudo make python-install
> cd ..
> various pieces got installed under /usr/local/lib
> then I was able to run:
> ./tetuhi /path/to/image.jpg
> and it all just worked!
> Very cool - thanks Douglas.  Your new arrival is probably a tad young to
> appreciate it just yet but my 10yr old thought it was great.

Thanks Grant.  I haven't tried, but now you mention it some of the
games actually do seem to suit the 3-month-old market.


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