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[Toon-members] NonSymEigen for TooN, and (SVD full....)

From: Gabriel Nützi
Subject: [Toon-members] NonSymEigen for TooN, and (SVD full....)
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 20:44:38 +0100

Hello guys

I have adapted the SymEigen for Non-Symetric Matrix, because there is no Complex Support in TooN we have just Imaginary and real parts for the EigenValues and Eigenvectors

--> NonSymEigen.h (it's not finished (I leave the documentation and add ons for this class to other guys because I am not the pro here) but would be nice to have that in the later version of TooN :-). It has been tested and it works.... :-) uses Lapack dgeev_ and sgeev_

TestCode :

Matrix<4,4> M;
NonSymEigen<> myEig(M);

Matrix<>a= myEig.get_evector();
Vector<>b= myEig.get_evaluesIm();
Vector<>c= myEig.get_evaluesRe();


--> The SVD.h file contains an advanced version for full or not full decomposition, so we dont have to Pad with zeros....
--> Dont know what you think about that but its handy :-)

Thanks for the support and maintaining the class :-)


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