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Re: GProlog by pipe ?

From: olivier . grisel
Subject: Re: GProlog by pipe ?
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:48:24 +0000 (GMT)

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Bourdeaud'Huy Thomas wrote:

>Hi, I'm currently developping a TCL interface to synthesize Petri Nets with
>constraint programming. The idea is to visualize the results of a prolog
>constraint resolution. I have a problem concerning the use of gprolog in
>this interface, because i tried to use a "pipe" openning of gprolog, but it
>seems like some predicates don't run. In fact, I have deleted the
>w32guicons.dll file, to obtain a console executable that i could use with
>the pipe openning. But i don't succeed to consult any file with this version
>of gprolog, neither in the TCL interface, nor in the gprolog.exe itself. Has
>someone got the same problem ?

You should have a look at the bedevere project:

It is a python wrap of gprolog using swig 1.1. I think you should be
able to adapt it to tcl. It works with gprolog 1.2.11.

>Another problem is that prolog waits for the ";" to list all solutions, but
>i would like to have all the solutions in one time, in order to keep the
>hand in the Tcl interface. Is there a way to ask a goal to prolog and to ask
>it to generate all solutions, a predicate to use for example ? For example,
>prolog4 answers all solutions without asking for the user to press ";"

If to choose to use bedevere, look at the sample code in the python
subdirectory: they are quiet explicit even if you don't know python.


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