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Re: 01-as-require-shell-fn.patch

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: 01-as-require-shell-fn.patch
Date: 23 Nov 2003 23:26:51 -0800
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"Paolo Bonzini" <address@hidden> writes:

> Now, is there a shell which AS_INIT likes (because it has good LINENO) and
> which fails to satisfy these requests?  If so, you do have a point, but I
> reckon the answer is no.

I tend to agree: I think the answer is no as well.  This issue has
been tested in Autoconf for some months now (Functions Support,
Functions and return Support in, and nobody has reported a

Anyway, if we're wrong, we can worry about it later.  I don't have any
objection to modifying AS_INIT to check for any set of POSIX sh
features that we like.

> is there a document about the varying degrees of support
> for functions in different Bourne shells?

Not that I know of.

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