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Re: first time automaking question

From: Sean Finney
Subject: Re: first time automaking question
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 14:15:24 -0500
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On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 09:34:48AM +0200, Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:
> >>> "Sean" == Sean Finney <address@hidden> writes:
>  Sean> - ./configure now tests for auto* and makeinfo
>  Sean> is that really necessary?  
> Yes.  Automake create Makefiles that know how to rerun the auto*
> tools when necessary.  So configure check for them.

does this introduce any problems if the target machine doesn't
have (or has ancient versions of) auto*?  or, if the auto* isn't
found, does it just not implement said functionality?

>  Sean> - my config.h is consistently nuked by autoheader
>  Sean> whereas previously my config.h was updated from AC_CONFIG_HEADER,
>  Sean> it's now AM_CONFIG_HEADER and always ends up being blank, save a
>  Sean> line saying it's generated by autoheader
> Ah yeah, it should probably read "this file was nuked by
> autoheader" <wink>.  Anyway, that's odd: autoheader should not
> touch config.h (only or any other name you gave it).
> Can you give more details?

ok, so it works fine for the box on which I'm doing my development
(trusty ol' debian with am/ah 1.4p4 and ac 2.53), but if i take the
same source over to a solaris 2.8 machine with no automake/autoheader
and autoconf 2.13, I get the problem.

actually, i just took it over and tested it and config.h is no
longer being nuked.  okaaay....  maybe it has something to do with
me unintentionally doing things in the wrong order the first time around.
am i correct in thinking that this is the right order (this is what
i'm doing now, i don't remember if it was a different order then)?

- create a
- re-run aclocal
- re-run autoconf
- run automake (--foreign :^>)

also, when i take the source over (after make distclean), the 
first time i run make on the other machine I get a bunch of friendly
and informative error messages from the 'missing' script about the
missing am programs.  the funny thing is I only get this once, and then
it shuts up... is there any way i can disable that (I don't expect
my prof to be modifying my

thanks for all your help :)

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