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Re: example of DEJATOOL being a list of names

From: Jonah Graham
Subject: Re: example of DEJATOOL being a list of names
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 15:02:53 +0100

Richard Dawe wrote:
> Looking at the Makefile generated, it seems like the check-DEJAGNU target
> cope with $(DEJAGNU) containing multiple tools, but the site.exp target
> not. I wonder if this is a bug in lib/am/ from the automake
I believe this is a bug, however I do not yet know enough about dejagnu to
suggest a fix yet. I have submitted a PR, #388.

> How is the tool variable from site.exp used in DejaGNU? Does the --tool
> to DejaGNU override the setting of tool in site.exp? If --tool sets tool,
> why do we set in site.exp?
I am working my way through the dejagnu stuff now to try and get a better
idea. In the meantime I did just remove that line from the site.exp and
everything else seems to work correctly (ie it tests my two tools).

Thanks for the help,

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