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how to change the behaviour of "make check"?

From: Ireneusz SZCZESNIAK
Subject: how to change the behaviour of "make check"?
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 17:18:11 -0600 (MDT)


I am writing to ask a question on the test suite support of Automake.
I want "make check" to behave a bit differently, and I do not know how
to get this.  "make check" behaves this way: when a test fails, the
"make check" reports an error and exits.  Instead, I want "make check"
to run all the tests in various subdirectories regardless of test

Let me explain the problem further.  In my software package there is
the directory "tests", which contains subdirectories "A" and "B".
Each of the subdirectories "A" and "B" contains some tests.  When a
test in the directory "A" fails (error code 1), then "make check"
reports an error, exits, and therefore does not execute tests in the
directory "B", while I want "make check" to run the tests also in the
directory "B".

A workaround for this problem is to ensure that all the tests always
return 0, even when the test fails.  This, however, might confuse
users, because "make check" will report success for a test that
actually fails.

Is there some way to change the way "make check" works?  Perhaps some
option or a switch?  Is it possible to get what I want with Automake?
Let me know, please.

Thanks & best,

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