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Re: how to change the behaviour of "make check"?

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: how to change the behaviour of "make check"?
Date: 17 Sep 2003 13:47:28 -0400

Ireneusz SZCZESNIAK <address@hidden> writes:

   But I only want "make" to ignore errors from running tests, not all
   errors.  My test scripts are automatically generated by "make" and
   then run.  If "make" fails to generate such a script, then I want
   "make" to report the error and stop.

there is a documented var TESTS_ENVIRONMENT which you can use to
not only set various env var variables, but specify a completely different
interpreter aside from the bourne shell, to run the tests.  for example, if
your tests write some debugging info to a separate LOGFILE, then you might use
this script:

# fake-sh --- customized replacement for /bin/sh
/bin/sh "$@"    # first, do it
status=$?       # save the return value
if grep -q REALLYFAIL LOGFILE ; then
  exit $status
  exit 0          # fake success
# fake-sh ends here

by specifying

TESTS_ENVIRONMENT = FOO=1 BAR=2 $(top_srcdir_absolute)/fake-sh

(the nicely formatted messages will be wrong (since you are faking success
some of the time), but presumably you are smarter than to believe w/o scrutiny
anything you read on computer screen, like this message.... ;-)


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