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Re: Migriting from qmake to autotools

From: Juan Luis Baptiste
Subject: Re: Migriting from qmake to autotools
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 00:56:28 -0500
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On Mon 07 Mar 2005 03:54, Andre Caldas wrote:
> I cannot solve your original, problem... but here is how I build
> subdirectories: "convenience libraries"
> You have subdirectories in this project of yours because you need to
> organize the sources into groups. Well, you could make each group into a
> convenience library, and then link them at the end (the top directory
> will be build last). This does *not* mean you will have to install
> libraries.
> For example:
>    SUBDIRS = store colors
>    ktoon_SOURCES = main.cpp
>    ktoon_LIBADD = store/ colors/
> In store/
>    noinst_LTLIBRAIRES =
>    libstore_la_SOURCES = animation.cpp brush.cpp camera.cpp
> I hope you find this useful :-)

Yep, it worked :) I just had to add two other lines so needed includes and moc 
files where found during compilation:

INCLUDES = $(all_includes) -I../src
libexposure_la_SOURCES = esframe.cpp eslayer.cpp exposuresheet.cpp ilayer.cpp

Thanks for your help !!

Juan Luis Baptiste

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