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Re: Invoking Build.PL/Makefile.PL from automake?

From: Russ Allbery
Subject: Re: Invoking Build.PL/Makefile.PL from automake?
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:25:06 -0700
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Bob Friesenhahn <address@hidden> writes:
> On Wed, 12 Apr 2006, Tyler MacDonald wrote:

>>      And find some way for makemaker to treat those SUBDIRS as "black
>> box" perl modules. I'd also like some way to pass extra arguments into the
>> Makefile.PL/Build.PL to pull in libraries elsewhere in the project tree,

> This is a problem since MakeMaker makes no provision for using
> uninstalled libraries.  The only way it works reliably is if the
> libraries are installed.  Regardless, I have found ways to use
> uninstalled libraries if the Perl extension is built as static
> (stand-alone executable).  There is an annoying issue is that when
> Makefile.PL is 'executed' to create Makefile, the libraries are scanned
> for at that time.

No warranty, and if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

# It's practically impossible to change the library link order with the Perl
# build system.  It's also pratically impossible to correctly link a Perl
# extension against a library that's built out of the same source tree without
# introducing an rpath to the source tree, a potential security hole.
# If I don't tell MakeMaker about the full path to the just-built library, it
# will helpfully delete the -lwebauth reference and then create a broken
# module, while saying that this is probably harmless.  If I do include it, I
# have to fight with it to not add an rpath to the built module.  I did the
# latter.  I don't know how portable this will be, but it's the only thing I
# can come up with that actually works.

use Config;
use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;

# We have to tell MakeMaker to find the WebAuth library here.
$PATH = '@abs_top_builddir@/src/libwebauth/.libs';

# Hack the local path into lddlflags so that it will be first.  Otherwise, we
# may accidentally build against an already installed libwebauth instead of
# the one that we just built.
my $lddlflags = $Config{lddlflags};
my $additions = "-L$PATH @LDFLAGS@";
$lddlflags =~ s%(^| )-L% $additions -L%;

# Override extliblist so that it never puts anything relative to the build
# directory into LD_RUN_PATH.  Otherwise, ExtUtils::Liblist will hard-code the
# build directory into the rpath of the module .so because it's trying to be
# *way* too helpful.
package MY;
sub const_loadlibs {
    my $loadlibs = shift->SUPER::const_loadlibs (@_);
    $loadlibs =~ s%^(LD_RUN_PATH =.*[\s:])$main::PATH(:|\n)%$1$2%m;
    return $loadlibs;
package main;

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