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Re: Translatable strings not marked 'c-format'

From: Ask Hjorth Larsen
Subject: Re: Translatable strings not marked 'c-format'
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2018 17:34:45 +0100

Hi Nick,

2018-01-09 16:46 GMT+01:00 Nick Clifton <address@hidden>:
> Hi Ask,
>> To solve this problem, BFD should either use only the formatting codes
>> of printf (translation errors will be detected automatically) or avoid
>> exposing any strings with %A and %B to translators.
> I just wanted to let you know that your email has not been ignored.
> I do have a plan to replace the %A and %B format characters in the binutils
> sources, but I am going to wait until after the 2.30 branch is cut (ie Jan
> 12) as I suspect that the changes will create a lot of turmoil.

Thank you very much.

Meanwhile, do we disable the strings that have translation errors?
There are currently 6 affected languages, and we need only mark the
relevant strings as 'fuzzy' in each po-file.  It would be bad to let
the errors remain in a version that is to be shipped soon.

Best regards

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