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Re: CVS login trouble on Windows

From: Ameya Sangekar
Subject: Re: CVS login trouble on Windows
Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 21:19:23 -0700

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the reply. But the solution given by you is not the issue. It is
able to create/write to the cvspass file. I have been trying a few things
and have got a work around.
As I have written earlier, the login command used to throw an error, what I
tried next was to do a checkout anyways. And I was able to! Even the CVS
logout command gave the proper results. So even though I get an error on
login, everything works just fine if I ignore the error.
I have removed the error detection part from my script and now it runs just
fine :-) Just FYI, I have a windows XP (SP2). I have never trusted windows
anyways, and now have one more reason.
Let me know if you folks get to fixing this thing in the future releases.
Thanks for taking out time for this. Appreciate it.


On 5/26/07, Mark D. Baushke <mdb@gnu.org> wrote:

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Ameya Sangekar <ameyasangekar@gmail.com> writes:

> I am having trouble using CVS. I have been added as a user to the
> repository and am able to access cvs from eclipse as well as SmartCVS.
> when I try to login (using "cvs login") from the command prompt or from
> cygwin window, I keep getting the generic windows error after I give my
> password(error snapshot attached)

I don't actually see a snapshot, but I believe that bug-cvs@gnu.org
throws away most kinds of attachments.

If I had to guess, I would suspect that the local cvs executable is
unable to find the right place to write the .cvspass file. You may
need to set the HOMEDRIVE and HOME environment variables. I am
going to guess that eclipse and SmartCVS do this for you already.

> What I have checked already:
> 1) I have ensured that the CVSROOT and PATH variables are correct.
> 2) The cvs.exe is in the PATH and is picked up correctly. This is
> by changing the version of the cvs.exe file and checking it.
> 3) I am able to ping the CVS server.
> 4) Tried resetting the password
> 5) Removed all other cvs.exe files to ensure the correct one is picked
> 6) Tried different versions for Windows.
> 7) No other user is having a similar problem.
> Now the tricky part.
> I give the command "cvs login" and then it asks for my password. Now if
> give an incorrect password, I get an error stating "cvs login:
> failed: server cipe801.sldc.sbc.com rejected access to
> /appl/pkg1/cvs/reps/Application/cvs for user <my ID>"
> I can also checkout code using a co command directly on command prompt.
> Some other details:
> using pserver
> Windows XP machine
> located in Pacific time zone
> Need the login command for use in shell script/ant
> Using Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.22 (client)
> Please help!!!
> Regards.
> Ameya.

       Good luck,
       -- Mark
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