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Re: German translation for "Computer bought the farm"

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: German translation for "Computer bought the farm"
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 18:15:45 +0100


> "Das Computer gab den Löffel ab" (The computer gave the spoon away)

For a better matching language level and correct gender it would be

"Der Computer hat den Löffel abgegeben."

> "Das Computer beißt ins Gras" (The computer eats the grass)

"Der Computer hat ins Gras gebissen."

Both Metaphors match what i read about "bought the farm".

We also have the equivalent of being underneath plant roots:

"Der Computer schaut sich die Radieschen von unten an."
(The computer looks at the radishes from below.)

> "Der Rechner", even? If in the French you write "Ordinateur" :)

"Computer" would be more common. "Rechner" would be ok too.

> (The current translation is "Der Computer hat den Bauernhof erworben")

This is understandable only after translating it back to english
plus a round of googling.

Whatever, i am somewhat unhappy with "Computer bought the farm"
as a system message:

- The user might not be in the right mood for laughing.

- I understand EIEIO means that the operating system swims belly-up,
  not necessarily the computer hardware.
  (Is there a pun path from Old MacDonald's e-i-e-i-o to Hurd's EIEIO ?)

- I had to look up "bought the farm" in the internet when i first
  encountered it in the april fooling ISO image of 2011.
  It might be too exotic for international users of Hurd.

Have a nice day :)


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