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Re: broken clef glyph

From: Norbert Preining
Subject: Re: broken clef glyph
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2013 10:24:45 +0900
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Hi Werner,

On Di, 03 Sep 2013, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> > * mention a svn commit that fixes the problem
> The last i386 GNU/Linux mpost binary works just fine for me; this is
> r30845.
> > * then we can update the TL2013 branch by incorporating this fix
> It seems that I was unclear: The current TeXLive SVN *does* work.

That does *not* count. Current TL SVN *nobody* is using, since there
are too many development changes.

You have to look at the svn bracnh tl2013. It seems to me that the branch
contains the chagnes already in 
        svn 30928 new metapost release (1.803) source files -- from r30833
so that would be fine.

> But apparently exactly this hasn't happened for both Debian and
> Fedora, according to reports on the lilypond mailing list.

Fedora I don't know, but Debian/unstable contains 
        texlive-bin 2013.20130729.30972-1
and includes already mp 1.803.

The only problem is that due to debian-edu-doc blocking TeX Live, it
has not entered testing till now.

Thus, it probably has not entered Ubuntu by now.

If someone pings the Ubuntu maintainers they might pull from Debian/unstable,
while they normally only pull from Debian/testing.

For Fedora - I don't know, please contact the maintainers and ask them
to build from branch tl2013 and not from the released sources, as there
are important bug fixes.

> > * maybe we can push binary updates this year to tl2013 main, I will
> >   discuss that with Karl

Actually we did this already ... my fault, I didn't check before.

> The question is whether the distributions simply take the binaries, or
> whether the compile everything from scratch...

The compile from scratch, all of them. And it depends from which sources.

> Most important for us is being able to reject buggy mpost versions,
> thus I wonder which versions are affected.

1.802 from TL2013 as *released* on DVD. After that binary updates
happened and the binaries are now at 1.803 and that is fine.

Bottom line:
* Debian/unstable is fine
* Ubuntu still ships 2013.20130529.30792-1 which is too old, thus broken
  as soon as Ubuntu pulls from Debian it will be fine
* Fedora: I don't know, it is a mess without clear structure
* OpenSuSE: I just checked 
  and it seems that Werner uses texlive-20130620-source.tar.xz without
  any patches related to mf, so that means that OpenSuSE would ship
  broken mpost.

As said, I will not take it up to inform all of them, but if there
is someone, the best is to write bug reports to Fedora/OpenSuSE/Ubuntu.

What I can do is write an email to address@hidden to inform the subscribed
people that mit might be wise to rebuild the binaries from tl2013 branch.
But if one of you is doing it with links to the buggy output and 
explanation why it is important, that would be great.

All the best


PREINING, Norbert                               http://www.preining.info
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
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