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Re: musicxml2ly tremolo tag on notes shorter than quarter

From: pls
Subject: Re: musicxml2ly tremolo tag on notes shorter than quarter
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 00:21:09 +0200

Hi Jörn,

On 03.05.2015, at 00:23, Jörn Eichler <address@hidden> wrote:

>> I'm not top posting.
> For music XML input "<tremolo type="single">2</tremolo>" on an eighth note
> of C, musicxml2ly creates "c8 :16" which, I think, is incorrect, because the
> 2 tremolo marks make it a 32th tremolo.

thanks for the report!

Yes, you are right, it’s a bug and all beamed notes are affected e.g.:

   MusicXML                              expected LP     wrong LP  
   eighth note with 1 stroke         c8:16               c8:8   
   eighth note with 2 strokes       c8:32               c8:16  
   sixteenth note with 1 stroke    c16:32             c16:8  
   sixteenth note with 2 strokes  c16:64             c16:16 

I cooked up some files to illustrate the expected output and the bug:

 (MusicXML supports up to 8 tremolo marks)
 (I had to comment out some lines)

> http://www.musicxml.com/UserManuals/MusicXML/Content/EL-MusicXML-tremolo.htm
> says: "Note that the number of attached beams is not included in this value,
> but is represented separately using the beam element.”
> Tested with version 2.18.2 and 2.19.19

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