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Re: parted and 78 heads

From: Mario Gzuk
Subject: Re: parted and 78 heads
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 20:33:52 +0200

Hi Leslie,
i have forgot to say thank you for the work which you have done already
with your projects (not only parted...). So i will do it now:
thank you for this good work.

Yes LBA is activated. If I disable it the edd report some other stuff (I
think it was somthing about 16 heads...).
But in the bios you cant set anything else then enable or disable

We have decide to work with parted in our project because with fdisk +
mkdosfs we are not able to create a bootable fat partition.... We also
try the way 1) create partitions with fdsik 2) format the partition with
parted. But this leads in the same error "ntldr not found".

Mybe I will try to explain what we do:
1) create a bootable fat32 partition
2) replace the voot code in the mbr from the freedos project to boot the
active partition
3) replace the boot code in the fat32 partition to load the windows
ntldr (to start a windows installation)

I think the wrong geometrie in the fat32 partition leads the bootloader
to dont find the ntldr....

I also try to replace the head and sektors directly in the fat
bootsector but with the same effect. (It works when the disk geometrie
is 240 heads -> the unattended project haas reported this bug some time

What should I try next? What informations do you need?

thank you in advance mario

Am Dienstag, den 03.10.2006, 20:01 +0200 schrieb address@hidden:
> Hello Mario,
> On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 03:46:56PM +0200, Mario Gzuk wrote:
> > Hi, nobody out there who has simular problems?
> Sorry for not answering yet, but I have a huge backlog of stuff
> not only for Parted, but also for other things.
> > Here some more informations: parted version: 1.7.1 If I load the edd
> > module (BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive calls determine boot disk) the edd
> > module tells me (if the disk is empty): 255 heads and 63 sektors/track
> > after creating partitions with parted the edd module tells me 78 heads
> > and 60 sektors/track....
> Parted will have EDD support in the mid-term future.
>   Have you tried LBA addressing in the BIOS for this drive?
>   Leslie

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