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Re: parted and 78 heads

From: leslie . polzer
Subject: Re: parted and 78 heads
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 20:11:58 +0200
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On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 09:49:37PM +0200, Mario Gzuk wrote:

> > > 3) replace the boot code in the fat32 partition to load the
> > > windows ntldr (to start a windows installation)
> >
> > How are you doing number three?
> Just saved the bootcode from Sector 1 und 13 and replace it after
> formating the drive with the help of "dd":
> dd if=/way/to/ntldrbootcodesector0 of=/dev/hda1 bs=1 count=420 seek=90
> conv=notrunc
> dd if=/way/to/ntldrbootcodesector12 of=/dev/hda1 bs=512
> count=1 seek=12 conv=notrunc
If you are re-installing Windows in between the saving and restoration
of the boot sector, or are moving the files, i.e. ntldr.dll or what it
is called, around, this is the cause.

> > > I also try to replace the head and sektors directly in the fat
> > > bootsector but with the same effect.
> >
> > That's serious and leads me to the conclusion that it is not
> > Parted's fault at all. If you did step three from above not by
> > installing Windows, could you try it this way and see what the
> > differences are (given that it works thus)?
> If I install windows directly the heads and sektors in the fat32
> partition shows up 255/63. But If you want I can send you the
> different boot sectors from the fat partion and the mbr. Maybe
> you have more expirience than me.... At least I only modify the
> heads/sektors but not the cylinders. Maybe thats one reason???
The geometry components have to fit.  From what you wrote in an earlier
mail, I gather this particular hard disk has 80 GB.  If you change only
one component and don't adapt the others (or two without fitting),
you will get problems.

> The project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unattended
> has reported this bug I thought, because here:
> http://ubertechnique.com/unattended/NTLDRNotFound is written: ....
> "The parted mailing list has already been informed about this problem"
I can't remember this, but maybe it was in the times when I wasn't
maintainer of GNU Parted yet.  I'm currently looking into the changes
of 1.6.23 to find the problem.

> There is also a short report and solution about this problem.
Doesn't it work for you?

> I thought you were also the project leader of fdsik? Or am i wrong?
I am the maintainer of GNU fdisk, a clone of util-linux *fdisk that uses
libparted.  GNU fdisk has the -C option, but it cannot create file
systems ATM.

  GNU fdisk is beta software right now.

> BTW: excuse my bad english, I hope you understand what I mean....


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