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Re: parted and 78 heads

From: Mario Gzuk
Subject: Re: parted and 78 heads
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 11:11:04 +0200

I cant believe it. I dont know whats up with tose develtogs (in german:
Teulefszeug). After I do some a bios update (which was only a short
idea) now i am more confused than before....
Here it comes:
If you start a normal windows installation from CD it results in the
error "ntldr not found". Look into the fat bootsector:
78 heads 60 sektors... (before 255/63)
But now parted works as expected. After parted with mkpartfs fat32 the
fat bootsektor says:
255 heads 63 sektors... (before 78/60)

And now all works fine.

What the hell is going up? I dont know. Check the changelog from the
Patch EZ-Flash.
Fix default memory timing setting.

So nothing about which is releated to this problem....

So just let me thank you again for this tool. I think it was an error
from the bios....

> > The project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unattended
> > has reported this bug I thought, because here:
> > http://ubertechnique.com/unattended/NTLDRNotFound is written: ....
> > "The parted mailing list has already been informed about this problem"
> I can't remember this, but maybe it was in the times when I wasn't
> maintainer of GNU Parted yet.  I'm currently looking into the changes
> of 1.6.23 to find the problem.
> > There is also a short report and solution about this problem.
> Doesn't it work for you?

Yes this one works for me. But as I sad only for 240 heads....

greetings mario

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