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Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.

From: Meskauskas Audrius
Subject: Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 03:21:34 +0200

Hi, Sven, Tom and Archit,

From the four tools you listed, none is "absolutely" required "to have a
working remoting system". However IDL compiler makes this work much easier, and the naming service now seems becoming a popular standard.

The development of the CORBA Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) in our GNU Classpath project is not so sad as it may be seen. I have just finished and released the first working prototype of our ORB. It is interoperable with ORB, included in the Suns release 1.4, transferring the data structures and exceptions in both directions. After doing the beginning, I really expect more developers to join.

We already have the working transient naming (CosNaming) service, required by many CORBA applications (part of Suns jre since 1.3). When having the transient service, writing the persistent service becomes a clear and interesting task. I am sure that somebody will do this rather soon. POA is also not yet written - another good task for somebody to take. I think, these systems must belong to the Classpath core, having the Classpath license. If somebody wants to plug-in the alternative naming service instead, it is simple to do this by setting the initialisation properties.

We do not have the IDL to java compiler (idlj) yet. However I would like to pay your attention that IDL compiler and CORBA implementation must be fitted to each other. It would be an interesting work to inspect JackORB's IDL compiler, checking if its generated code can run with Gnu Classpath prototype and, if no, that kind of adaptations are required. I did not even checked yet how easy to separate it from the rest of JackORB. The development of our own IDL compiler was in my immediate future plans, but if we can separate and adapth the JacjORBs compiler, this may not be worthwhile.

At the moment, I am not implementing the other two tools, rmic and rmic-idl. I cannot do all at once. Here, really, it would be great if somebody could take this task. However the considerable part of the CORBA functionality can be achieved without them.

Several months ago, when all CORBA was still "0% - dark red" in the status review, it was time for somebody to negotiate, maybe Classpath could accept the CORBA implementation, having the different license than the rest of the project. Now, I think, this time has been passed. Working together, we can easily have our own CORBA, licensed exactly in the same way, as the rest of Classpath. Yes, CORBA seems complicated, but swing also seems complicated, and sockets, and io, and charsets, and many other things we have already done. After we have the working core and examples, the further work on CORBA is promising to be easier.



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