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Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.
Date: 18 May 2005 12:46:43 -0600
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>>>>> "Audrius" == Meskauskas Audrius <address@hidden> writes:

Audrius> The development of the CORBA Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
Audrius> (IIOP) in our GNU Classpath project is not so sad as it may
Audrius> be seen. I have just finished and released the first working
Audrius> prototype of our ORB.

Congratulations, that is awesome.

Audrius> After doing the beginning, I really expect more developers to
Audrius> join.

I don't want to stop your gusto, but honestly I am skeptical that
folks will show up wanting to work on CORBA.  I think most
freedom-loving java folks just go with JacORB or OpenORB.

Audrius> We do not have the IDL to java compiler (idlj) yet. However I would
Audrius> like to pay your attention that IDL compiler and CORBA implementation
Audrius> must be fitted to each other. It would be an interesting work to
Audrius> inspect JackORB's IDL compiler, checking if its generated code can run
Audrius> with Gnu Classpath prototype and, if no, that kind of adaptations are
Audrius> required. I did not even checked yet how easy to separate it from the
Audrius> rest of JackORB. The development of our own IDL compiler was in my
Audrius> immediate future plans, but if we can separate and adapth the JacjORBs
Audrius> compiler, this may not be worthwhile.

I was wondering whether we require an implementation in java for some
reason.  E.g., doesn't ORBit have an IDL compiler as well?

Audrius> Several months ago, when all CORBA was still "0% - dark red" in the
Audrius> status review, it was time for somebody to negotiate, maybe Classpath
Audrius> could accept the CORBA implementation, having the different license
Audrius> than the rest of the project. Now, I think, this time has been
Audrius> passed.

On the 1.4 comparison page there is still a huge swath of red for
org.omg.*.  On the other hand, you've been making very rapid progress.
Could you talk a bit about the things that are still missing, how
difficult they are, etc?


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