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Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.

From: Thomas Zander
Subject: Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 09:15:06 +0200
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On Sunday 15 May 2005 03:21, Meskauskas Audrius wrote:
> The development of the CORBA Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) in our
> GNU Classpath project is not so sad as it may be seen. I have just
> finished and released the first working prototype of our ORB. It is
> interoperable with ORB, included in the Suns release 1.4, transferring
> the data structures and exceptions in both directions. After doing the
> beginning, I really expect more developers to join.

I have no idea who would want to use Corba; but if there actually are 
projects out there that do; it might be a good idea to get them in the loop 
so they can test and debug.
What about writing an invitation email to such projects?

Thomas Zander

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