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Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Re: IIOP tools: Working Classpath CORBA prototype released.
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 22:46:23 +0200
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Tom Tromey wrote:
"Audrius" == Meskauskas Audrius <address@hidden> writes:

Audrius> The development of the CORBA Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
Audrius> (IIOP) in our GNU Classpath project is not so sad as it may
Audrius> be seen. I have just finished and released the first working
Audrius> prototype of our ORB.

Congratulations, that is awesome.

Audrius> After doing the beginning, I really expect more developers to
Audrius> join.

I don't want to stop your gusto, but honestly I am skeptical that
folks will show up wanting to work on CORBA.  I think most
freedom-loving java folks just go with JacORB or OpenORB.

the original OpenORB is pretty much dead, afaik. There is a 'community openorb' on source forge, but that one has a project specific BSD-license[1] that comes with the GPL-incompatible adveritising clause.

JacORB otoh, has been used by both JBoss and JOnAS to get the J2EE certification (instead of the builtin thing in Sun's implementation), so it seems to work quite well. If there is a chance to use that, and convince JacORB developers to work together with Audrius on bringing JacORB closer into Classpath, that would be pretty cool, I think, in particular as JacORB is under the LGPL, which is GPL comapatible :)

Audrius> Several months ago, when all CORBA was still "0% - dark red" in the
Audrius> status review, it was time for somebody to negotiate, maybe Classpath
Audrius> could accept the CORBA implementation, having the different license
Audrius> than the rest of the project. Now, I think, this time has been
Audrius> passed.

On the 1.4 comparison page there is still a huge swath of red for
org.omg.*.  On the other hand, you've been making very rapid progress.
Could you talk a bit about the things that are still missing, how
difficult they are, etc?

Thanks for making the great progress on the implementation, Audrius! I think it would be very interesting to ask the JacORB people to contribute to GNU Classpath as well, and complement Audrius's implementation with their tools. I know next to nothing about corba about myself, though, so I don't know how feasible that is. :)

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