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Re: Few improvements for androideabi board

From: Alexander Ivchenko
Subject: Re: Few improvements for androideabi board
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 17:26:53 +0400

>   I'd like to see the 'iscross' proc removed, ! 'isnative' should be
> sufficient. I'm a touch confused, this looks like you are also
> supporting native builds on Android ?

No, we don't do native builds on Android.. The reason behind this
change was that some tests in gcc have { target native } and therefore
despite the fact that we are able to run them
(e.g."gcc/testsuite/gcc.misc-tests/gcov-1.c") , collect  the necessary
information and pull the results back.

The "cross" addition in DejaGNU and the correspoding change in the
test itself ({ target native cross }) would allow us to run them.
Defining cross as '1' in androideabi
board is not a very pretty solution, but I don't see others now..

Anyway, I think we can make this "cross" change as a follow-up patch
(if you think it is worth it, of course).

> The -mandroid flag is the default
> now if you configure with '*-androideabi', but explicitly using is
> should be fine.

You are right, I put it back.

> I've not had to set execute permissions when I run
> testsuites remotely on Android, so I'm curious why you do... I don't
> have any Intel based Android system, is it different than the ARM based
> platforms ?

Well, not in that matter. The problem with the permissions depends on
the image; Some images unset the executable bit during pushing through
So in order to avoid that we added this check.

>   The rest of the patch looks fine.
>         - rob -

Thanks, I attached the updated version.
Is it OK?

thanks again,

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