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Re: New Mac OS Changes

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: New Mac OS Changes
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 10:50:02 +0200 (IST)

I took a quick look at the mac subdirectory, and I have these comments:

  - I think the contents of the file mac/INSTALL should be put at the end 
    of the top-level INSTALL, with a suitable pointer near the beginning,
    in the same way as the MS-DOS version is handled.  It looks like some
    of the material in mac/INSTALL should be moved to mac/README.  The
    top-level README should mention mac/README.

    This way, all the installation instructions are in the same place.

  - Several files under mac/ are invalid on DOS 8+3 filesystems, or map 
    to the same names after truncation to 8+3 limits.  Here's the list
    of the offending files:


    These files are, of course, irrelevant to the DOS port of Emacs, but 
    people who unpack the distribution on DOS systems will get annoying
    error messages for those files, and will be confused as to what
    should they do about them (since users generally don't know which
    parts of the distro are relevant to their platform).

    (There's a program, called doschk, which you can use to find such 
    file names automatically.  You can find this program on GNU FTP 

  - There's an .emacs file in the mac subdirectory.  I think it was a 
    long tradition of the Emacs distribution not to supply .emacs file
    and instead require the users to do that for themselves.  If you think
    that certain options, such as font-lock, should be on by default on the 
    Mac, or if there are Mac-specific initializations to perform, you 
    could do that in mac-win.el, for example.

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