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Re: New Mac OS Changes

From: Andrew Choi
Subject: Re: New Mac OS Changes
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 22:13:34 +0800

> I thought mac-roman font contains glyphs for those iso8859-1
> characters (those decoded from mac-roman encoding).   Isn't
> it correct?

My mistake.  I did not realized translate-character will convert the
iso8859-1 characters back to their respective code points in the Mac
Roman encoding.
> I found a bug in my code.  It was the reason why those characters
> are not displayed by mac-roman font (provided that the font contains
> glyphs for iso8859-1.  Please try this fix.  [...]

Works like a charm.  After this change, I believe mac-win.el can be
committed if you wish.

> We can make fontset-mac to use Latin-1 encoding font for Latin-1
> characters.  But, that will result in using different styles of
> glyphs for ascii and Latin-1 in fontset-mac.  Is it ok?

No we should not do this; it is much better as it is.  See above.


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