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Re: New Mac OS Changes

From: Andrew Choi
Subject: Re: New Mac OS Changes
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 19:53:27 +0800

>   - I think the contents of the file mac/INSTALL should be put at the end 
>     of the top-level INSTALL, with a suitable pointer near the beginning,
>     in the same way as the MS-DOS version is handled.  It looks like some
>     of the material in mac/INSTALL should be moved to mac/README.  The
>     top-level README should mention mac/README.
>     This way, all the installation instructions are in the same place.

I was following what was done with nt/INSTALL and nt/README.  I really
wouldn't mind doing it one way or another.  Let me know.
>   - Several files under mac/ are invalid on DOS 8+3 filesystems, or map 
>     to the same names after truncation to 8+3 limits.  Here's the list
>     of the offending files:
>       mac/emacs-cw5.mcp.xmpl
>       mac/emacs-cw6.mcp.xmpl
>       mac/inc/cmdline-defs-cw5.h
>       mac/inc/cmdline-defs-cw6.h

These have now been renamed cw[56]-mcp.xml and defs-cw[56].h.

>   - There's an .emacs file in the mac subdirectory.  I think it was a 
>     long tradition of the Emacs distribution not to supply .emacs file
>     and instead require the users to do that for themselves.  [...]

Thanks I wasn't aware of that.  The file mac/.emacs has now been


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