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Re: New Mac OS Changes

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: New Mac OS Changes
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 21:57:18 +0900 (JST)

Andrew Choi <address@hidden> writes:
> These work correctly except for this: in fontset-mac (created in
> mac-win.el), the font used for latin-iso8859-1 should be a font in
> iso8859-1 encoding instead of -*-monaco-*-mac-roman.  

I thought mac-roman font contains glyphs for those iso8859-1
characters (those decoded from mac-roman encoding).   Isn't
it correct?

> So after the change, characters falling in the iso8859-1
> range are not displayed correctly, while those in ascii,
> mule-unicode-2500-33ff, mule-unicode-e000-ffff, and
> mule-unicode-0100-24ff are.

I found a bug in my code.  It was the reason why those
characters are not displayed by mac-roman font (provided
that the font contains glyphs for iso8859-1.  Please try
this fix.

*** mac-win.el.~   Mon Oct 30 09:24:38 2000
--- mac-win.el  Mon Oct 30 21:53:11 2000
*** 175,181 ****
      (if (r0 != ,(charset-id 'ascii))
        (if (r0 == ,(charset-id 'latin-iso8859-1))
!           (r1 += 128)
          ((r1 <<= 7)
           (r1 |= r2)
           (translate-character mac-roman-encoder r0 r1)))))
--- 175,181 ----
      (if (r0 != ,(charset-id 'ascii))
        (if (r0 == ,(charset-id 'latin-iso8859-1))
!           (translate-character mac-roman-encoder r0 r1)
          ((r1 <<= 7)
           (r1 |= r2)
           (translate-character mac-roman-encoder r0 r1)))))

> I have converted some ETL fonts for use on the Mac, so the
> latin-iso8859-1 character set in fontset-mac can use the font
> -ETL-fixed-*-iso8859-1.  I cannot seem to make
> create-fontset-from-fontset-spec do this.

We can make fontset-mac to use Latin-1 encoding font for
Latin-1 characters.  But, that will result in using
different styles of glyphs for ascii and Latin-1 in
fontset-mac.  Is it ok?

Ken'ichi HANDA

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